During Saturday and Sunday our ISA program took us all on a trip to Cinque Terri, or the 5 villages on the coast of Italy. We took a bus that left early in the morning and it took about 3 hours to reach our hotel. Straight from our hotel, my roommates and I along with … More 9/26-9/27


On the Friday before we left for Cinque Terri, ISA (our provider here in Florence) organized a trip to a museum here in Florence that houses the statue of David. We were led by a professional guide who was very knowledgeable about Michelangelo as a person and the history of his statues and paintings. We … More 9/25


I know I posted the whole Oktoberfest thing a little late but I wanna send out one more update before I leave for the weekend to go to Cinqueterri with my ISA provider and fellow group. This week I planned another trip I am pretty excited about. For my fall break October 22nd to the … More 9/22-9/24


This is going to be my Oktoberfest post so I am pretty excited to share with you my experiences from this past weekend. As I mentioned in my last post I have several trips planned for my time here and this weekend was my first go-around with a travel agency here in Florence. I traveled … More 9/17-9/21


Hopping on here before class today to update a few things I’ve done in the past few days so I’m gonna keep it short. Monday was a slow day, just getting back into the swing of classes after the three day weekend (I don’t have Friday classes so Mondays feel ten times worse here). Tuesday … More 9/14-9/16

9/10 to 9/13

I decided to hop on my blog this morning because yesterday was my most eventful day since Pisa. First off I wanna give a shout out to my brother John whose birthday was Friday, hope you enjoyed it my man. Also my cousins Dave and Ryan had birthdays these past few days so congratulations, another … More 9/10 to 9/13

9/9 and school

Its been a few days since I have posted on here but classes have started and things are becoming a little more relaxed as I am settling in for school. There is not much to talk about but just to slightly touch on the topic, classes here are going pretty good thus far. Ive had … More 9/9 and school


Today my roommates and I all finally caught up on everything we had been delaying (including these posts for me). School starts tomorrow and I still had no idea where any of my classes were so I spent some time researching and finding out. I would most closely compare the FUA campus here to that … More 9/6